The Paleo Epicurean

Grillin' out baby!
Greetings!  I am an avid home chef, passionate about good food and healthy living. The Paleo Diet has already immensely changed my life for the better, elevating my health to a level I never could have imagined. I want to share the knowledge and wisdom with anyone and everyone, in hopes that others may experience similar changes. Here is why I believe the Paleo Diet is the optimal diet for human health.

Despite this drastic lifestyle overhaul, my love of food and cooking still prevails. I believe in the power of good food, prepared with care, to bring people together and be a focal point of our lives. For people new to it, the Paleo Diet may seem restrictive and difficult to adopt initially. Personally, I see it as an amazing opportunity to expand one's culinary horizons. The Paleo Diet offers a culinary cornucopia; a rainbow of incredibly diverse and delicious foods that can be prepared in innumerable ways. It is truly a chef's dream. I am here to show you how easy and oh so satisfying this diet can be. Combine it with sensible exercise, sunshine and fresh air, and I am confident that you will begin looking and feeling better every day! So join me, the Paleo Epicurean, on this lifetime journey of wellness and good eating. To your health!