The Bottom Line

The most difficult thing about introducing someone to the Paleo Diet (I prefer Paleo Lifestyle...) is that it requires almost complete abandonment of everything you think you know about nutrition, health and disease. This lifestyle flies in the face of conventional wisdom- everything we are told day in and day out by government and health organizations, doctors, food companies, and advertisements. For decades we have been told to reduce fat intake, eat 6-11 servings of grains, avoid meat, saturated fat is evil etc, and look where we are. As a country we have decreased our intake of dietary saturated fat and cholesterol substantially over the last several decades, we eat more unsaturated vegetable oils, and "heart-healthy" whole grains (plus a whole 'lotta sugar), and yet we have more heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer than ever before! And what do we do in response? We prescribe drugs to treat conditions that shouldn't exist in the first place- conditions that are completely eradicated by modifications in diet and lifestyle. It just feels like like one big sticky web of deception, misguided wisdom, profiteering and corporate self-interest. And it is killing us.

The bottom line is, whatever we are doing, it ain't workin'. But alas, there may be a solution yet.